7 Top Tips For Adopting A Kitten (Special Offer)


As a new cat parent there’s a lot you need to know before adopting your fur baby. This short guide is filled with useful information on how to adopt a kitten.

  • Should you get a pedigree or moggie?
  • what to watch out for if you get your cat from a breeder
  • why rescue centres or shelters are the best choice
  • should you get one or two kitties?
  • Introducing your kitten into her new home
  • budgeting for your new arrival
  • caring for your cat when you go on holiday

Purchase also includes “How To Care For your Kitten” to help you care for your new arrival!

  • Preparing your home before adoption
  • Socialising your new kitten
  • Getting her used to dental hygiene
  • Tips on feeding your kitten
  • neutering

Both pdf guides are downloaded as a zip file.


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